Osiris – The Egyptian God of Death and Resurrection

The Egyptian god Osiris is one of the most famous and well-known gods of ancient Egypt. He is usually seen as a benevolent god who provides gifts and protects the world from harm. However, he is also known for his fearless nature. This is evident in the fact that he carries a flail and crook.

According to the myth, Isis the Egyptian god of death and resurrection resurrected Osiris’ body when he was dead. Osiris mated with Isis and became the father of Horus, a hawk. In his youth, he suffered intense pains, including the sting of a scorpion. Later, he grew up to be a courageous young general. It was his intention to avenge the murder of his father.

While Osiris was alive, he was responsible for the souls of the dead. His judgment was based on whether the deceased lived according to the instructions of the goddess Ma’at. If they did, they were ushered into the bosoms of Osiris. On the other hand, if they did not, their soul would be consumed by the evil god Ammit. When the time came, Osiris returned to his earthly kingdom.

Before he could return to the throne, though, he needed to be restored to life. To do so, Isis the Egyptian god of death, resurrection and protection searched for all of the body parts of her husband. She hid him in a swampy region of the Nile Delta.

At first, she was only able to retrieve the penis, but later, she recovered all the other body parts. Once she did so, she mended them and re-wrapped them in linen. Eventually, she even retrieved the head of the murdered man. As a result of the search, she was given the title of Khentiamenti.

Osiris was considered the lord of the underworld. However, he was also an integral part of the cycle of life. His role was to ensure that the dead were resurrected. Therefore, he was often associated with the annual death and rebirth of vegetation.

One of the most popular images of the god is a handsome man in royal dress. He was also considered to be a demon messenger. Osiris also wore a plumed headdress, which is called an atef. During the reign of the XIIth dynasty, worship of the god was almost universal.

After the death of Osiris, his sister, Nephthys, attempted to seduce him. Set, however, noticed this and was envious of his success. Rather than let Isis get rid of her brother, Set persuaded her to release him. He hacked the body into pieces and scattered them all over the earth.

Luckily, Isis was able to recover all of the pieces of Osiris. After putting them together in a beautiful coffin, she buried them in a special place. Thereafter, she grew to be the supreme god. During her life, she was known for her redemptive powers. She had the ability to create healing ointments and other potions, a skill that made her a great healer.


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