Why Putin Went to War With Ukraine

The Ukrainian crisis has taken a toll on Russian President Vladimir Putin. His economy has been hit hard, and his prestige is being questioned. He is surrounded by embittered and disillusioned citizens. Ultimately, he may find himself in jail or out of power. This would mark the end of his presidency.

One of the biggest questions is whether Putin has been the victim of misplaced priorities. As the president of Russia, he has pursued a foreign policy aimed at depriving the United States of its power. But a closer look at the Russian leader’s motivations for taking on the West suggests that his strategy is more a payback than a benevolent endeavor.

Putin’s motive for waging war in Ukraine is unclear. Some believe that he was simply looking to settle the issue of what Ukraine really is, while others say that he is looking to redraw the borders of the country. Regardless of the reason, his success in the war would be an obvious transgression of international norms. However, if he wins, he’ll probably install a puppet regime for his own security.

Initially, some thought that Putin’s war on Ukraine was a simple redrawing of the country’s boundaries. Others believed that the real goal was to establish two secessionist regions. Regardless of the reasons for the conflict, Putin is now in the middle of a military operation that has killed over a thousand people and devastated much of eastern Ukraine.

One of the most important lessons from the Russian president is that there is no “one size fits all” solution to the Ukrainian crisis. Rather, it’s necessary to achieve security through a variety of means. Among these are military capabilities, security assurances from future allies, and diplomatic efforts.

In addition, it’s important to consider why Putin made the decisions he did. If he had been a better planner, he might have considered the implications of his moves. He could have avoided losing his political and economic position. Another option might have been to simply leave his government in a stronger state than it was before.

There’s a reason why Putin focuses so much of his energy on his armed forces. Almost all of his international efforts have been a form of payback for the actions of the Western world. When the US left the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, both sides lost their hopes of creating peace.

Putin’s decision to redraw the map of Ukraine was also a clever one. For some, this was an effort to exploit the divisions among the democracies of the West. Using this strategy, he believed he could establish a foothold in Ukraine, while threatening the interests of his Western rivals.

While there are many other factors that could have caused the crisis, the Russian government was more than willing to make the first move. Its state bureaucracy was skeptical about engaging in bilateral cooperation with the West. And the Russian military was not as convinced.

A recent drone attack, however, has damaged Russia’s authority in the eyes of the world. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has been targeted in Sevastopol. Moreover, a bridge was destroyed across the Kerch Strait.


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