Why RMF Broadcasts Music in Poland

RMF FM is one of the most popular radio stations in Poland. The station has a wide variety of music and topical channels and is targeted to the age group 25 to 39. It is the oldest commercial radio station in Poland and is owned by the Bauer Media Group. Previously called Radio Malopolska Fun, it was renamed in 1990. As a result of a merger between the three broadcasters, the resulting entity is now known as Radio FM.

Despite its humble size, the station manages to put out some of the best quality music and informational content around. Moreover, it boasts a large staff of dedicated reporters and correspondents. On top of that, it has a mobile app. Since the advent of the Internet, Radio FM has moved beyond the traditional broadcasting model to offer a plethora of multimedia services. This includes an online radio station and an internet music service. Amongst other things, the station hosts Gala z okazji (25-hours of music) on the Polsat satellite. Also, it has some of the finest equipment around.

In addition to its traditional FM signal, the RMF also provides its viewers with digital video broadcasting standard (DVBS). This service allows the station to broadcast its programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another noteworthy feature of the station is its ability to offer listeners with a variety of advertising campaigns. And to make matters better, the station has a nifty looking website and mobile app, making it a one stop shop for all your music and entertainment needs.

In addition to its impressive lineup of music, the station offers its viewers with a variety of entertaining and interesting promotional events. One of the most entertaining is the eta wygrywa – a contest wherein a panel of judges chooses the best finalists. These judges are comprised of a mixture of journalists, artists and entertainers. A few of the contestants will take home a cash prize and the lucky winners will have the chance to perform a live performance of their choosing.

Other noteworthy RMF FM features include a cult music channel and a pop music channel, both of which are among the most downloaded music services in the country. The station also has a few channels dedicated to the topical niches of pop culture and fashion. Considering that the station is available in both the analogue and the digital realms, it’s no wonder that it has a sizable audience. But what makes the RMF FM unique and stand out from the crowd is its impressive lineup of equipment and its high caliber of reporters and correspondents. Having a well-rounded staff is a prerequisite for any successful radio station. Luckily, the station has a handful of very competent and reliable journalists.


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