Why The Little Prince Goes on a Journey

What prompted the little prince to go on a journey? The answer is surprisingly simple. He wanted to see Earth. But he had no idea that his quest would take him to a whole lot of other planets, and eventually he discovered a whole new way of looking at the world.

As it turns out, the most interesting part of the little prince’s journey was not the one to Earth. It was on his way to a series of asteroids, each of which features a grown-up in reduced form.

First, the narrator finds a garden of roses. Aside from the usual flora, the little prince also discovers a fox. In addition, the fox tells the prince about a secret of heart sight.

Secondly, the narrator finds traces of a well. While this isn’t an obvious requirement, it is a good thing to have, and it helps feed both the soul and the body. After a while, the narrator finds he’s run out of water.

Thirdly, the narrator stumbles upon a mysterious yellow snake. This snake is not only curious but it is able to provide the little prince with an important fact about his home planet. Apparently, if you bite the scaly serpent, you’ll be able to return to the home planet.

Fourthly, the narrator meets a small boy, whose name is the same as the prince. Obviously, he doesn’t have much of a personality, but he does have an eye for detail. So, he puts a bit of effort into fixing the plane. When he’s done, he finds no sign of the prince. However, he does have a better understanding of the little man.

Fifthly, the narrator learns about the “little” prince’s most important achievement. In particular, the narrator realizes that the fox is able to show him a way to tame the fox. Moreover, it shows him that humans do not always have to rely on animals to do their bidding.

Finally, the narrator gets to see a king. His ruler is more commanding than he is. And his reign on Earth hasn’t been without its share of problems. Thankfully, the little man has the good sense to see that the king is over-aggressive.

Overall, the journey of the little prince has been a success. It has allowed the narrator to get in touch with his imagination, and he has learned to appreciate the many things that he hasn’t been able to experience in the real world. At the same time, he’s been able to see that the things that are important to him are not necessarily those that will benefit him the most.

Although the little prince’s journey is a simple tale, it is nonetheless filled with many interesting and unexpected twists. Even the narrator has to admit that it was an experience he won’t soon forget. Ultimately, it is the small things that will keep him going, despite the trials and tribulations that life throws at him.


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